How to Get On Spotify Playlists

Spotify has been steadily emerging as the MOST
essential place to get fans, followers, music
industry attention, and even money for your songs.
And Spotify Playlists have been emerging as the
Holy Grail of music promotion.

What you need to do have use Spotify for your own
music promotion is a “Spotify For Artists” account,
which independent artists like most of us can only
acquire when we release our music through a
distribution service such as CD Baby, Distrokid,
Tunecore, and others. It’s the same thing we need
to get on places like iTunes.

Once your music is on Spotify, the absolute best
way to promote it is by getting added to playlists
that either Spotify or other users create.

Getting your songs added to the playlists that
Spotify creates can be VERY challenging.

The best way to get on the playlists that other
users create is by finding playlists that fit the
style of music that you do, and tracking down the
playlist owner on social media to ask them to add
you to their playlist. It’s a good idea to let
them know why a certain song of yours would be a
good fit for their playlist.

This all might seem like a lot of work, but
getting on a number Spotify playlists can often be
a GAME CHANGER for your music career. And, I would
like to help you by giving you an early Christmas
present to get you started.

I just created the new Songwriting Planet Spotify
Playlist, and I am inviting Songwriting Planet
members ONLY (if you have requested our free e-book
“21 Ways to Write Better Songs” then you are a member),
to jump in early and be the first to get on board.

Get on the Songwriting Planet Spotify playlist!
Here’s how!

Go to the playlist here:
Songwriting Planet Spotify Playlist

Click “Follow” or “save to your library” to
follow the playlist,

Next, navigate back to your own song
(only submit ONE SONG)
Click the “…” and select “Add To Playlist” and
you should see the Songwriting Planet Playlist!

As this playlist grows bigger, and Bigger,
you will see more, and More, and MORE plays!

To Your Awesome Songwriting Success!

P.S. If you don’t have your music on Spotify yet,
go ahead and follow this playlist now, so that
when you do get your “Spotify For Artists” account
you will be all set up to be added to our playlist:
Songwriting Planet Spotify Playlist

P.P.S. If you don’t even have a Spotify account
yet, you really should, it’s free, and it’s
Awesome! Go here:

  • Kenneith Perrin

    Excellent article, Kevin! Thank you for breaking down the basics of being added to a Spotify playlist. It really helped alot!! I tweeted the article to my twitter followers. Hopefully it will help them as well 🙂 Happy Holidays.

    • Kevin

      That’s great Kenneith, glad it was helpful.


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