Courses on Songwriting Techniques


Songwriting Sparks (image)Songwriting Sparks Video Course

“How to Start  and Develop Great Songs”
For Beginners to to learn how to start songs from scratch.
And for advanced songwriters with a vast array of tools for starting songs and over coming writers block

Watch FREE video showing a 13-step Songwriting Blueprint, from boring song to Radio Ready HIT!

plus The 3 Keys to the Mysterious World of Songwriting


Creative Songwriting Video Course (image)

Creative Songwriting Video Course

How Do Some Songwriters Create Huge Hits
That Are Remembered for Decades,
While Others Struggle to Finish an Average Sounding Song?? All the Insider Songwriting Secrets in One Place “Greatest Songwriting Tips Ever!”

Note: This is an ONLINE COURSE; the product is not physically shipped

Melody Madness (image)

Melody Madness (e-book Plus 12 Videos)

The Most Comprehensive Guide Ever Assembled On the Art of Melody Writing
Mastering the Art of Melody Writing is the Most Essential Key to Creating Hooks for Your Song that Everyone Will Remember. A Great Melody is What Makes a Song a Hit!!!

Insider Secret: The Melody is the Key to a Successful Song
Downloadable E-Book, Plus 12 Videos

Guitar and Piano Chord Mastery For Songwriters

Guitar Chord Mastery for Songwriters (image)

Piano Chord Mastery for Songwriters (image)


Songwriting Coaching

Whether You are a beginner, or you have a full album of songs ready to record One-On-One Songwriting Coaching will help you turn YOUR SONGS into HITS!
Coaching is conducted on Skype

  • Learn the Insider Secrets of Great Songwriting
  • Learn How You Can Write Catchy and Powerful Songs Anytime You Want
  • Turn Average Songs into Big Hits
  • Write Melodies that Listeners Can’t Stop Singing
  • Use Chord Progressions that Captivate Your Audience
  • How Effective Song Structure Can Mesmerize a Listener’s Attention
  • Discover How to Turn Lyrics into Colorful Poetry
  • Learn the 5 Essential Components of Writing Great Hooks
  • Master the Art of Band Arrangements that Turn a Song into an Earth-Shaking Symphony
  • Master the Blueprint that All Great Songs Have in Common
  • Secrets to Creating an Endless Flow of New Song Ideas
  • Master the Psychology of Creativity and Overcoming Blocks
  • Find Your Own Unique Inner Voice as a Writer
  • How to Write a Killer Hook for Every Song
  • Discover the Insider’s Closely Guarded Secrets on Every Aspect of Writing
  • De-Mystify the Songwriting Process and Turn Your Struggles Into Success
  • Build Your Songwriting Arsenal Starting Today!!!
  1. Beginners can learn the fundamentals of songwriting from A to Z.
  2. Advanced students polish your songs and turn them into Hits.
  3. Working on a new CD? Don’t waste money in the studio rewriting and editing songs. Fine-tune your songs first, with Professional Songwriting Lessons
  4. Any Style: Rock, Jazz, Folk, Country, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, etc., it is Crucial that you master the underlying principals that all great songs share. Learning the craft of songwriting will dramatically improve your writing, bring out your own unique style, and help turn average songs into hits!

Most Importantly, You Will Learn To Find Your Own Unique Inner Voice As a Writer.


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Master Classes Available for Colleges and Seminars


Master Classes taught by Kevin Thomas (some can combine departments):

  • Creative Songwriting
  • Lyric Writing (Music and English departments)
  • Business Blueprint for Independent Music Entrepreneurs (Music and Business departments)
  • How to Create and Market an Internet Based Music Business (Music and Business departments)
  • Mindset Secrets for Success as a Musician (Music and Psychology departments)
  • The Success Psychology of Being a Music Entrepreneur (Music, Psychology, and Business departments)
  • Specialized Master Classes, to suit departmental needs


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