What is the Most Important Part of a Song?

When someone asks you “Do you remember the song that goes like….?” Do they sing to you the chord progression? Mouth the drumbeat? Describe the structure of song sections? Speak the lyrics to you?

No, Of Course Not! They sing the MELODY. And the lyrics come in a close 2nd place, because they are usually just as memorable, but they are almost always remembered as Attached To The Melody. The Melody is the key. So if MELODY IS THE KEY to a great song, how do you write a good one?

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 How To Write A Song With Any Famous Band You Like!

Do you ever find yourself singing along to the radio in your car, maybe even just silently following a song in your head, and then your mind starts making up new words or melodies to the rhythms and chords of the song? Many songwriters commonly have this experience. It is our creativity at work. It is your inner writer emerging from the depths of your subconscious mind to co-create with the band.


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