Song Structure


How to Write a MONSTER HOOK for Every Song

I remember when I first began writing songs. I would grab an acoustic guitar, strum chords, sing melodies, makeup lyrics, and jot ideas down in a notebook. Sometimes I would just work on lyrics, and other times just the melodies or guitar parts. This is the way that many of us begin writing; it is the GETTING STARTED Phase, and it is still a great way to Brainstorm ideas. But the feedback from my songs was usually the same from everybody:

Everything sounds like a verse. There’s no Hook. Which section is the Chorus?

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How to Write an Awesome Prechorus


After you have written a verse and a chorus for your song, sometimes there will be a need for a transitional section between them. This could be due to the relationship between the lyric content of the two sections requiring some explanation, or it could be because the music from the verse needs to build energy into the chorus. Those are the two main purposes for adding a prechorus. The term prechorus will sometimes go by various other names such as the climb, or the transitional bridge. Not every verse-chorus song needs a prechorus, but if you feel that yours does, here are some tips on constructing a really good one.

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