How to Write Colorful Lyrics

Did you ever have to read a textbook in school? Remember how hard it was at times to keep your mind from wandering every five or ten minutes? On the other hand, do you remember reading novels or stories as a kid that you just couldn’t put down? Maybe you’d even stay up late at night turning pages under a blanket with a flashlight so your parents didn’t find out that you were still awake.

How can we make sense of the difference between these two types of reading experiences? The answer lies in using your common sense, or your common senses I should say, and this is really the BIGGEST SECRET to Great Lyric Writing.

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The Title Is the Key

Descriptiveness, story telling, and rhyming are often what most songwriters will focus on at first when developing their lyric writing abilities. Once the phrases begin flowing, a title theoretically should emerge which can then be woven into a chorus. This is an important phase to go through. You want to be capable of generating enough raw lyric material for filling in your songs with content.

Phase two: where is the hook? Once you become good at basic lyric writing you quickly realize one of two things. One, a succinct title does not always emerge from your lyrics. Or two, there really is no central concept at all to what you have written. You may have fairly well written verses, but there are often no choruses, or the verses are not really describing any specific topic or situation.

So what is the solution?

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