Chord Mastery for Songwriters

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Chord Mastery for Songwriters


Hey songwriters, after last months free songwriting webinar, I noticed that there were more questions and confusion about chords than most of the other topics.

How chords are created?

The difference between Major, Minor, and Diminished chords?

Key changes?

How to choose the rights chords for your melody?

What chords to use in different song sections?


So I have been working hard to finish up some new video training on this. And I really went over the top, this is some pretty in-depth stuff that can help you out right away. If you ever wanted to improve your ability and understanding of chords for your songwriting, you have got to check out the two new courses:

Guitar Chord Mastery for Songwriters


Piano Chord Mastery for Songwriters

Level 1 goes into the 84 most important chords you should know as a songwriter, and how to use them in your songs.

This FREE video explains a lot about what you chords are most important for songwriters to learn, and how it can dramatically improve your songs.

Click Here: Chord Mastery for Songwriters

  • Mick Furlo

    I’d like to have chord mastery for guitar but I purchased the Melody Madness E book a couple years ago, and it disappeared somehow after only a couple weeks From arrival.

    • Kevin

      Mick, I just re-sent your login details for Melody Madness. Check your spam folder if it’s not in your inbox, or e-mail us at:


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