Pat Pattison on Songwriting, Lyric Writing, Songwriters, Berklee!

Pat Pattison on songwriting, lyric writing, and songwriters. Legendary Berklee College of Music professor is interviewed by Kevin Thomas of Songwriting Planet. From modern songwriting techniques to literary criticism and linguistic philosophy, you will get a glimpse of the deep knowledge in Pat’s amazing songwriting books.

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  • Fereshteh

    I haven’t written any ctoropare worship songs. I’ve only written the coffee house folk type songs. One of my goals this year is to write worship songs. I just find it sooooo difficult.

    • Kevin Thomas

      That’s a great goal! It might not be as difficult as you think. Instead of trying to write one really good one, which the perfectionist in us can often get very stuck on, try writing 3 average ones about different worship topics. If one of them starts to come out good, put most of your energy into that one and finish it.

  • Robert Markham

    Good info. Have listened to many of Pat’s webinars and find his lectures to be very valuable in my writing process.

    • Kevin Thomas

      All of Pat’s material is great. I studied with him when I was at Berklee; all his books, workshops, webinars are very good. There is very little training out there about songwriting, and an even smaller amount that I would actually recommend. But any info by Pat Pattison usually goes very deep into techniques that can make a huge difference in your songwriting.


    Thank you so much for your knowledge.I love to write song lyrics.


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