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Songwriting Products
Melody Madness


Superior Songwriting
Song Warrior Promotion
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Melody MadnessLearn to write amazing melodies for your songs that stay in your listener’s heads for months. Write Monster Hooks that make every song a Hit. Learn the Secrets of Melody so fans won’t be able to stop singing your songs! Develop your own Unique Style of Melody Writing. Superior SongwritngEverything you need to know about writing a song, from the very basics right through to the “complicated” stuff, at a very low price. Also learn how to market and sell your songs, and get your foot in the door in the music industry. Song Warrior MusicYou’ve got great songs already written and recorded, now what? With the Song Warrior Music Promotion Program, your songs will get connected to some of the top publishers, producers, and record labels in the industry. Virtual Studio LyricistLyricist 3.0 software combines all the tools you need for lyric writing, chord charting, and archiving into one package. The end result is professional quality lyric sheets and chord charts, and a way to stay efficient and organized, so you can better use your time to be creative.
Vocal Instruction

Singing Success

Singing Success Online

On Stage Success
Singing Success ProgramSinging Success is the number 1 selling vocal training program in the world! It comes with 12 CD’s, a detailed workbook, and studio training DVDs, and is designed to be the ultimate vocal training system.&nbsp SingoramaLearn how to sing with full vocal range, and hit notes with professional perfection in less than 3 months. Multimedia Learn-to-Sing training package Singing Success OnlineThe ultimate vocal training system, is the number 1 selling vocal instruction program in the world, and it is now available in an online video-tutorial format All Roads Lead to the StageTom Jackson’s amazing Live Performance DVD tutorials! Learn how to captivate your audience with amazing stage presence. Find out more about his All Roads Lead to the Stage 7-DVD Collection…
Relative and Perfect Pitch
Pitch Master Pro
Pure Pitch
Perfect Pitch
Relative Pitch
Pitch Master ProLearn how to master Absolute and Relative Pitch in less than 6-weeks. This is a skill that has allowed musical legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Mariah Carey, and Mozart to Steamroll their way to the Top. Pure PitchThe complete Absolute and Relative Pitch training course. Learn the secret method of pitch recognition that allowed a 16 year-old teenager to master Absolute and Relative Pitch in less than 6 weeks. Perfect Pitch Ear Training SeriesThe Perfect Pitch Ear Training Super Course, developed by David Lucas Burge, is the most comprehensive home training course available for you to actually develop Perfect Pitch. Relative Pitch Ear Training SeriesThe Relative Pitch Ear Training Super Course, by David Lucas Burge, is the most comprehensive home training course available for Relative Pitch Control. It is a great companion to his Perfect Pitch Super Course.
Guitar and Piano
Guitar Superstars
Guitar Success System
Rocket Piano
The Middle Voice MethodAnother Awesome Vocal Training Course”I couldn’t fit it with the voice products above, but didn’t want to leave this one out, it’s that good!

Guitar Super StarsStudy with an Army of Guitar Teachers. Don’t pay for years of lessons when you can get them all right now online. with personal lesson plans, online practice tools, and more.. Guitar Success SystemThe step-by-step system that lets you have fun while you’re learning to play the guitar fast…without having to pay for costly private lessons! This covers virtually all aspects of guitar playing Rocket PianoPiano and keyboard ability is essential for songwriters. Rocket Piano is the easiest way to learn to play piano fast. Over 85,000 people have learned to play with Rocket Piano. The Middle Voice MethodWith just 15 minutes a day for 3 weeks you can have a major breakthrough in your voice. Sing with more power and confidence, blend head and chest voice, and nail those high notes.
Song Production
Music Producer Pro
Beats 365 Sonic Producer
Music Master Pro
Music Producer ProLearn to produce music professionally. Music production is made easy with dynamic training videos! Produce beats, compose music, learn engineering, play different instruments, and become a master music producer! Beats 365This is the ultimate collection of beats. Listen to and download an unlimited number of beats, get royalty-free custom beats, gain access to major labels in hip-hop and R&B. Get over 10 gigs of sound and over 100,000 beats in all styles. Sonic ProducerSonic Producer is an incredible cutting edge music sequencer with mp3 export capability. It comes with music production tutorials on how to use the application, and different keyboards and studios. It is an online service with a members area. Music Master Pro Looking for music instruction so you can create better song productions? Welcome to, the biggest music school on the net. Learn Guitar, Bass and Drums in over 10 different styles, online starting right now!
Marketing and Publicity
Music Marketing Manifesto Aerial Publicity
Aerial Publicity
IIndie Bible
Gorilla Music
Music Marketing ManifestoA Major Label recording artist reveals his secret money making system for marketing and selling music online! Ariel PublicityThis is one of my Top Picks! Learn how to use social media and online tactics to attract more PR, build your fan base, and earn more money with your music. The Indie BibleFind thousands of venues for booking gigs, publications that will review your CD, radio stations that will play your songs, vendors to help you sell your music, and more. Gorilla MusicGet your songs into TV and film. Get heard by Indi and major label publishers and record companies. Find management and song pluggers.
Courses, Books, the Secret, and Other Cool Stuff
Berklee Music Online Music Books Plus the Sonic Secret Law of Attraction Free Backstage Passes
Berklee College of Music OnlineSongwriting Planet has partnered with Berklee College of Music.
“I graduated from Berklee, and the experience completely changed my life. Now you can be mentored by many of the same instructors who taught me.”
Kevin Thomas
Music Books PlusAll your music in one place, at a way better value than Amazon. Music Books Plus is your best source for music and audio books, videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs, software, and sheet music. They carry over 12,000 titles and ship worldwide. The Sonic SecretAnother Top Pick! This is really the greatest Secret to Success in music. Discover the “Missing Link” to accelerating your music career with the awesome power of the Law Of Attraction. Learn the Power of the Secret, the Master Blueprint that will skyrocket you to success. Free Backstage PassesThis one I threw in just for fun. Imagine that every time you have a date, or go out with friends, that you could say “I have back stage passes to see….at the stadium and hang out with them in person after the show.” I’m sure you can see the possibilities for music career promotion here also.