13-step Songwriting Blueprint,

from boring song to Radio Ready HIT!


The 3 Keys to the Mysterious World of Songwriting,

and intro to Songwriting Sparks Online Video Course

(all in this short video)

Songwriting Sparks Online Video Course

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A one of a kind songwriting video course which deals with the most important phase of songwriting –

Starting a New Song.

“If you can hear song ideas in your head, then you can write songs that are just as good,

or even better, than your favorite hit songs on the radio.”

Learn how to Channel your Songwriting Inspiration
and Craft it into Art

This is the first of a new series of courses designed to help you become the best songwriter you can be.

Have you ever started a song and just could not figure out what to do next to develop it?

Or, have you ever been too uninspired to write anything for weeks or even months?

Songwriting Sparks is the cure!

Here you will learn how your initial SPARKS of inspiration can be channeled through dozens of techniques into complete songs that fans will love.

The starting points of a song are where most songwriters get stuck, by not knowing what techniques will turn their inspiration into hits.

There is no prior musical training required.

You get over 42 step-by-step videos, with text slides to accompany each

There are six modules:

  • Introduction: Learn the road map for generating great songs ideas.
  • Lyric Writing: How to find a title, a hook, build song sections that develop and make sense, and, write them all using colorful and poetic imagery.
  • Melody Writing: How to create catchy melodies that listeners can’t stop singing along with through every section of your song.
  • Chords and Rhythm: How to create an endless variety of chord progressions, riffs, and rhythms that do not clash with your melodies.
  • Combining Parts: By the end you will know how to develop entire songs anytime you want, and make them all sound AMAZING.
  • And Song Structure is taught through all of the modules.

All videos are accessible online from your computer tablet or smart phone immediately, and you get lifetime updates to any material that is added to the course.

Bonus #1) Piano Chord Mastery for Songwriters
This course covers the 12-essential piano skills every songwriter absolutely needs to know.
Valued at $200

Piano Chord Mastery for Songwriters (image)

Bonus #2) Guitar Chord Mastery for Songwriters
The most important guitar techniques for songwriters to fully utilize the fretboard.
Valued at $200

Guitar Chord Mastery for Songwriters (image)

Total Value: $400, but you get them all, absolutely FREE!

I’m giving these bonuses away for free because I want you to have all the skills you need to succeed.

Quick Start Bonus #3) to encourage you to take charge of your lives TODAY,
I will give the first six people who sign up get a free one-on-one songwriting lesson with me on Skype.
Each Valued at $150/hr.


Songwriting Sparks (image)

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