How Do Some Songwriters Create Huge Hits
That Are Remembered for Decades,
While Others Struggle to Finish an Average Sounding Song?


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All the Insider Songwriting Secrets in One Place

Have you been struggling to find ways to turn your musical passions into great songs?

You want to create big hits, but just not sure how it's done?

Or maybe you are a successful songwriter and are just looking for those Insider Secrets to take your songs to the next level.

Creative Songwritng is the Master Blueprint for Songwriting Success!!!

From getting new song ideas, to developing your songs, editing and polishing them, and cranking out big hits, we help you every step of the way.

Surprisingly, even in the best music schools around the world do not teach these topics.

But in Creative Songwriting, De-Mystified for the First Time, Are the Absolute Best Insider Techniques on Writing Great Songs.

"Don?t Wait Years Learning by Trial and Error."

Get the Tips, Tricks, Strategies, and Techniques of Professional Songwriters and Producers in Your Hands Today!!!

You Will Never Run Out of Great Song Ideas Again.

Here is just some of what you will learn in Creative Songwriting:

The 10 Best Methods of Starting a Song that will
Inspire Endless Song Ideas
  • Learn the 10 Best Ways to Create Amazing Songs From Scratch
  • The 3 Main Ways to Unleash the Writer Within
  • How to Quickly and Easily Understand Songwriting, Without Having to be a great singer or performer
How to Develop Your Song Into A Masterpiece Every Time
  • The Master Blueprint for Building a simple idea into a Masterpiece
  • How Choosing the Right phrasing will Keep People Listening
  • The 10 Best ways to make your songs Irresistible
Secrets to Writing Melodies that People Can?t Stop Singing
  • The #1 Rhythmic Secret that Will Turn a Boring Song into a Hit
  • How to Build Momentum throughout the Song into a Killer Hook
  • How to create Rhythmic Melodic Phrases that People Can?t Stop Shaking Their Heads to
  • Which Notes to Hold Out in a Melody - This is crucial!
  • Using Syncopation and Rhythmic Variety to Avoid Stiff and Boring Melodies
  • The Surprising Method of How to Add One Extra Line to a Section that will Change it from Monotonous to Exciting
The Master Blueprint for Building Monster Hooks and Great Choruses
  • The Top 5 Melodic Components of a Great Chorus
  • How Space Really is the Final Frontier, and How to Use it To Create a Dramatic Chorus
  • Top Chorus Types Unveiled - Don?t Get Stuck with the Same Old Chorus in Every Song
  • How to Bring Out the Title for Everyone to Remember
Easily Master Melodic Styles of Any Genre of Music
  • Rock, R&B, Funk, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Country, Folk, and many more?

How Chords and Melodies Work Together
  • The #1 Trick You Must Know for Writing Melodies that Work Over Single Chord Vamps
  • How to Fit Any Melody into the Perfect Chord Progressions with Incredible Ease, and Vice Versa
  • Which to Begin with, the Melody or the Chords
  • How to Write a Melody Against a Bassline or Guitar Riff in Minutes ? This is Incredibly Powerful Info
  • The Top Insider Chord Secret: How Some Scales Float Over Chords While Other Scales Need to Match Chord Tones Note for Note
Lyric Writing Secrets of the Pros
  • The 7 Essential, but often-overlooked Ingredients to Writing Colorful Lyrics
  • How Shifting Perspective in the right place can Captivate your Audience
  • The Top 8 Song Types that will Always Work
  • Using Metaphors as the Key to Unlock Your Listener's Attention
  • Secrets of Becoming a Master at Rhyming with the 3 Essential Rhyme Types
Song Structure Secrets Exposed
  • How to Turn a Single Melody Into a Mesmerizing Song Section
  • Creating a Melody that Builds Excitement from Verse, Prechorus, to Chorus, and Bridge
  • Learning these Simple Techniques Your Songs Will Sound Like Hits Every Time

See For Yourself What Others Are Saying About CREATIVE SONGWRITING:

"I was amazed to find all these skills taught in one place. Great Course!" CA, USA

"I am taking back my music degree and I am going to ask the dean,
'Why aren't the skills from Creative Songwriting taught in music school?' This course would have saved me years of struggle trying to learn how to write great songs
David Masteo, WI, US

"I used to just guess how to write my next song, and I would hope something good would turn up. Now I know all the tricks, and I have been turning all my musical ideas into completely finished songs really fast" Jessica Lycos, Gold Coast, Australia

Will Quickly Give You an Endless Supply of Song Ideas,

and Take Your Writing to a Professional Level.

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