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How to Compose Songs with Key Changes

How to Compose Songs with Key Changes

how to compose songs with key changes (image)If you have ever been interested in knowing how to compose songs with key changes in them, you are going to love this. Most songs stay in one musical key only, and have melodies and chord progressions that are derived from the scale of that key. Key changes, also referred to as music modulation, create mood shifts which can often be quite dramatic, can sometimes be sneaky and subtle, but will almost always add an air of sophistication to your song.

In any major key, there will be 11 possible key changes. I will first show you the most common, and then, the most extreme! [click to continue…]


How to Write a Song in Three or Six

How to Write a Song in Three or Six

How to Write a Song in thre or six (image)

Did you ever notice that the majority of songs in our culture have a four-beat rhythm? This is referred to as Common Time, which translates into four beats per measure. And when songwriters in western cultures start thinking about how to write a song, it is usually the first, and often the only, time feel that comes to mind.

But this was not always the case. In certain earlier periods in history, three beat rhythms were the most popular. The waltz is a good example of what was once a very popular dance constructed from three beat rhythms. And there is an enormous amount of folk music from many cultures that is written in, what is technically termed, Triple Meter. [click to continue…]


Lyric Writing | Sense-Bound Writing



Do Songwriters Really Need to Know the Music Business?

Do Songwriters Really Need to Know the Music Business?gold coins on a music score (image)

In the old days, a songwriter would network and perform everywhere he or she could to try to get discovered. The goal was usually securing a publishing deal, or if also a performer, to get a record deal as well. Once discovered, music industry executives would handle the rest: management, expense planning, recordings, radio promotion, distribution, marketing, publicity, booking shows, entertainment lawyers, and quite a few other business tasks that most creative people tend to be clueless about, not to mention completely uninterested in.

But the problem back then was… [click to continue…]


Create Music | Quick Songwriting Tip

Create music and learn a quick way to change ONE song into THREE, all with completely different emotional feels, and then pick the best for your HIT!

Create Music | Quick Songwriting Tip

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How to Write Lyrics

how to write lyrics [image]One of the first tips on how to write lyrics to a song that will really get your creative juices flowing is that it is sometimes good to just start writing anything that you are thinking about, feeling, or about what is happening in your physical environment right now. Creating a journal about what happens to you each day can begin to unleash that waterfall of words to pour into your songs. [click to continue…]


How to be a Funkosaurus

(Image: funk piano dude)So you’re feeling kind of funky and you want to lay it down. If you have never written in a funk style, or have never added any funky grooves to your songs, here are a few tricks that will instantly funkify your songwriting. [click to continue…]


Songwriters Kickstart FREE Video Series

Songwriters Kickstart imageSongwriters Kickstart FREE Video Series

Songwriters Kickstart FREE Video Series with songwriting tips designed especially for beginning songwriters. Learn how to get started with songwriting and the business side of music. Write better lyrics, melodies, and chord progressions, get fans, gigs, promote your music, and much more.

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Free Workshop: 10 Things Every Songwriter Needs to Know

Free Workshop: 10 Things Every Songwriter Needs to Know

Ever wondered how to get your first gig? Your first 100 fans? How to find the inspiration to finish every song you start? How to write hooks that people will actually sing along with?

To help you, Dave Kusak, founder of Berklee Online and the New Artist Model, and Kevin Thomas of Songwriting Planet (that’s me) will be demystifying these and many other problems new songwriters face in a free online workshop WEDNESDAY October 14 at 1PM EST.

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